Build New

When it comes to new builds, there are some excellent opportunities for investors. RAM International provides a comprehensive investment service in this property area. We begin by carefully planning the process with you, taking a close look at all the financials. Then we’ll provide expert guidance on the property purchase, land settlement, house construction, leasing and the final handover of the property. The end result is that your investment will exceed all of your expectations.

Building & Landlord Insurance

Protecting your property investment is very important. RAM International provides a range of building insurance options specifically designed for investors. We can organise and manage landlord insurance on your behalf, giving you complete peace of mind about your property investment.

Tax Depreciation Report

To maximise the long-term return on your property investment, you need a tax depreciation report. This can help lower your tax bill over the 40 year life of your investment. Only a qualified quantity surveyor can create a personalised property depreciation schedule, using the rules set out by the ATO. RAM International can organise the tax depreciation report for you so that you'll have all the paperwork necessary for claiming tax deductions on your investment.

Property Inspection

Regular inspections of your property investment are vital, whether you’re in the building phase or your property is finished. It’s important that expert inspectors carry out the inspections so that nothing gets missed. At RAM International, we have our own highly experienced inspection team and we also use the services of independent, trusted inspectors when appropriate.

Valuation & Mortgage

Do you need assistance with getting an accurate valuation of your property investment? Could you use advice about getting a mortgage or refinancing? RAM International can help. With years of experience in real estate and a pro-active approach to adopting smart tech, we have lots of wisdom to share on the subjects of valuations, mortgages and refinancing.

Utility Connection

RAM International can organise free and smooth utility connection for investors and tenants with Foxie.

Leasing Commercial and Residential

Getting the right tenants into your commercial or residential property is one of the cornerstones of successful property investment. RAM International has got the know-how, the contacts and the experience to organise the best possible lease for your property. You’ll receive a favourable rental rate, advantageous rental terms and quality tenants.

Selling Commercial and Residential

Selling commercial properties is a different ballgame to selling residential properties. That’s why, at RAM International, we have team members who specialise in either commercial or residential selling. They have deep, insightful knowledge of the market and they keep up with all the latest developments in their specialised fields. Investors get the very best when they work with RAM International.